About me

I am a highly analytical and detail-oriented professional with a passion for leveraging data-driven insights to foster business success. Currently pursuing an MBA with a concentration in Applied Business Analytics at William Paterson University. I have also successfully completed the Google Business Intelligence Certificate. Through this program, I've gained a deep understanding of data modeling, data pipelines, visualization techniques, and reporting practices that are crucial for making informed business decisions. This certification has not only enhanced my technical expertise but also strengthened my ability to translate complex data into actionable strategies. Furthermore, my academic foundation includes a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Social Services, which has equipped me with the skills to effectively address many challenges. Thanks to my current position as a Care Manager, I have a proven track record of managing client relationships, conducting in-depth analyses, and developing insightful reports. By transforming data into actionable insights, I am committed in applying these skills to optimize performance and drive business growth.